Wine, Women & Whatnot

We've paired wine tasting notes with women's personalities. Taking the essence of a woman and reflecting her in a wine. We're a sommelier for a woman's lifestyle.


Heather Thomas

I have loved wine for many years and for many reasons. As I tried to find myself, my career and a man in my 20’s, I also embarked on an educational journey to find wine that tasted better than the ice-cold box of Franzia White Zinfandel sitting in my fridge.

Thanks to a deviated septum and eating pizza too fast out of the oven, I lacked the nose for a true bouquet of wine and the thousands of taste buds that could pick up the faintest smell of tobacco smoked by a neighbor near a vineyard in the south of France. However, what I lacked in sommelier skills, I made up for in my desire to impress my date with my newly acquired knowledge of wine.

The wine would arrive “and scene…” Cork inspected, check. Slowly swirl, check. Deeply sniff, check and for the grand finale sipping and sharing of the tasting notes with my date. With complete confidence I would say, “ I find it to be complicated but not pretentious with notes of sweetness and just a little bit nutty. I think you’re really going to like it.”

And there you have it!! I just described every wine I ever tasted in my 20’s. It could’ve been a seductive Burgundy or the sweetest Muscato d’Asti but it didn’t matter because I was describing myself.

As I have grown up or as we like to say in the wine world “aged,” (thank goodness for Botox) I have been lucky to try many varietals across the globe and I’ve noticed something… that all wines are unique and beautifully complex in their own way, as are my amazing girlfriends. So, I bring to you the six varietals/girlfriends that make my world a better place. Men may come and go but girlfriends and wine are always there for you. Which wine are you??

We believe in a
meaningful pour, making memories
and laughing until it hurts.

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