Winter Wear

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Turkey, Wine and Feelin' Fine

I look forward to Thanksgiving weekend, not for the relaxing Trytophan coma, nor the buzz from too many whiskey old fashioneds, not even the euphoric high from "screaming deals" on Black Friday.

The highlight of this four day weekend for me is competitive card playing every evening. It's my own delusional version of "The World Poker Championship" (sans the shades and huge jackpot).

Shaken Not Stirred

I love to kick the week off with a BANG! My husband and I start every week with "Martini Monday" We have been doing this for years and believe it's the only way to end a Monday and start a week. I remember my first "real" martini I ordered at Club Lucky in Chicago back in '98. (This was pre-Carrie and her cosmos). I was nervous because I wanted to appear stylish and not like I just walked off the "back 40."

Check Out The Grape Collective For the Best Youtube Wine Videos

Who hasn’t gone down the rabbit hole on YouTube? Looking for one particular video about an extremely specific subject, you happen to innocently glance to the right.

Must. Avoid. Suggested. Videos.

Seemingly all of a sudden but actually a few very deliberate hours later, you’ve watched every live version of “Rocks Off” by the Rolling Stones from 1972 and 73. (Guilty.)