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Check Out The Grape Collective For the Best Youtube Wine Videos

Who hasn’t gone down the rabbit hole on YouTube? Looking for one particular video about an extremely specific subject, you happen to innocently glance to the right.

Must. Avoid. Suggested. Videos.

Seemingly all of a sudden but actually a few very deliberate hours later, you’ve watched every live version of “Rocks Off” by the Rolling Stones from 1972 and 73. (Guilty.)

Pairing Music With Wine

Check out the Winerist


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"The Wine Show" on Hulu

Watch if you like informative but chill lifestyle shows, or if you’re dying to go to Italy.

The actors Matthew Goode (“Downton Abbey”) and Matthew Rhys (“The Americans”) like wine. They don’t seem to know an awful lot about it, though, so this show serves as an educational opportunity both for them and for us. They set up camp in Italy, and the show’s wine experts travel the world and report back on different kinds of wine and wine gadgets. While these experts and chefs are plenty enjoyable, the easy, goofy camaraderie between the Matthews is the real draw here.