Tuesday's Thoughts

Turkey, Wine and Feelin' Fine

I look forward to Thanksgiving weekend, not for the relaxing Trytophan coma, nor the buzz from too many whiskey old fashioneds, not even the euphoric high from "screaming deals" on Black Friday.

The highlight of this four day weekend for me is competitive card playing every evening. It's my own delusional version of "The World Poker Championship" (sans the shades and huge jackpot).

Shaken Not Stirred

I love to kick the week off with a BANG! My husband and I start every week with "Martini Monday" We have been doing this for years and believe it's the only way to end a Monday and start a week. I remember my first "real" martini I ordered at Club Lucky in Chicago back in '98. (This was pre-Carrie and her cosmos). I was nervous because I wanted to appear stylish and not like I just walked off the "back 40."


Once a year I get together with my college girlfriends for a weekend of overeating, overconsumption and laughing until we cry into the wee hours of the morning. However, I would like to set the record straight that not once in my years of attending a slumber party did anyone show up in their sexy lingerie from Victoria's Secret. I can also tell you that at no time did anyone jump up and down on the bed (in slow motion) while having a pillow fight. I hate to disappoint all of you boys out there, but that scenario only happens in bad "B" movies.

Ladies who Lunch

A Nooner

The lunch hour is a quiet time to reflect on the morning's progress, relax, refuel and plan the remainder of the day. (yeah, right!) I don't ever recall a leisurely noon hour in any of the jobs I've had since graduation, it was usually one of the following scenarios.