Meet The Team

Beth Kuchera

Designs That Fit

  • I’m a graphic designer based in Minneapolis, MN. I specialize in print and digital, hand lettering, advertising and branding.
  • I am Chardonnay as a wine wink, and you can find earthy, dry wines in my glass. (Usually reds, but whatever, feel free to lie ;P )
  • My motto as a designer is to make "design that fits" the creative brief and be playful.
  • I graduated from University of St. Thomas with a degree in Visual Communications. My background helps me consider each new design as a communication tool instead of strictly as a design problem.
  • I love working with WW because I get to collaborate with creative people with a creative drive. We also love wine, which makes for great celebrations (unless its a morning meeting - we’re not drunks).
  • I’m always working on expanding both my design IQ and skillset. I like to take at least 15 minutes out of each day to read an article, take an online course, or catch up on my latest design books and magazines.
  • The greatest thing about WW is that we’re an experimental company when it comes to design, so I get to bring all of my skillsets to the table and be playful.
  • My website is (or - either way)